Drs. Flemke and Lee

We perform complete and thorough routine and medical eye examinations for people of all ages using a variety of advanced instruments and techniques which make it possible to diagnose conditions both inside and outside the eye.

Through the expertise of Drs. Flemke and Lee, we can fit contacts for all ages, with all types of eyeglass prescriptions. They also specialize in fitting contact lenses for unusual prescriptions for astigmatism, bifocals, and custom-tinted contact lenses. The latest generation of healthier materials for both soft and rigid gas permeable lenses have made it easier and safer to wear contact lenses than ever before. Our doctors have the expertise to help correct vision when refractive surgery is not successful.

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Progressive addition and bifocal contact lens designs provide excellent vision for distance, reading, and intermediate viewing. Available in both soft and rigid gas permeable designs, there are plenty of new options for contact lens wearers who need bifocals. Unlike monovision, a proven option where one eye is corrected for distance viewing and the other eye for reading, progressive and bifocal designs allow the wearer to use both eyes together for better-balanced vision. Custom progressive design options are also available for those who need to correct astigmatism.


It's been estimated that at least 40% of us who need vision correction have a significant enough astigmatism that needs to be compensated for in our contact lenses. Soft astigmatic contact lenses and rigid gas permeable custom designs allow for any degree of astigmatism to be corrected with contact lenses. The latest materials make these lenses more comfortable than ever before.


There are many colors available to change your look with contact lenses. Yes, you can make your brown eyes blue, or blue eyes brown for that matter. Custom tinting is also available for those with disfigured eyes from trauma or surgery. These lenses can be matched to the original eye appearance and effectively mask the damaged appearance of the eye.

Colored Contact Lens Update

Prosthetic contact lens update
By Dr. Mitch Cassel (famous brother of GC)
The benefits and downfalls of today’s available lenses for cosmetic, prosthetic, and special effect use.
By Dr. Mitch Cassel

Dr. Mitch Cassel is well-known in Hollywood and provides special effect custom contact lenses to the motion picture and television industries. Watch his video below to see some of the stars that he has worked with over the years and watch how Dr. Mitch Cassel can use his special effect contacts to change people's lives who have been disfigured by a past ocular injury or eye condition.

Contact Lens for Keratoconus


Some eye conditions, such as keratoconus, can severely affect the cornea which is the clear front surface of the eye. Distortions to the cornea make it difficult to correct poor vision with glasses because placing the lens in front of the eye doesn't compensate for the corneal distortion. By placing a contact lens on the eye, a smoother corneal surface is created that removes the distortions to the vision. Unfortunately, some people that have undergone refractive surgery end up with corneal distortions and blurred vision too. Contact lenses have helped to restore their vision back to presurgery levels.

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